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For over 40 years We & Wine has been importing and distributing a global portfolio of industry leading producers to the Swedish market. Founded in 1975 we were one of the first wine and spirits suppliers to be granted an importing licence in Sweden and have since established ourselves as one of the country’s leading, privately owned importers. At We & Wine we choose equally to work with privately owned producers of quality wines that share similar values.

As we approach our 50th anniversary we reflect on the milestones that have shaped our business into the importer we are today. Our longevity is a testament to our unwavering commitment to, and understanding of the complexities of the Swedish market, and the nurturing of a community of producers that share a similar desire to succeed. We are thankful for the relationships that we have fostered over the past decades, and we look forward to celebrating more successes in the near future. Here’s cheers to the next 50 years!

At We & Wine we hand select producers based on the following four key pillars, which we consider to form an important framework on which we base our portfolio. Our adherence to these pillars reflects our ambition to become Sweden’s leading importer of sustainability minded producers with an unrivalled global portfolio of innovative and awarded wines.

Sustainability / Organics

The Swedish wine drinker is amongst the world’s most educated and places a high demand on environmental credentials. In recognising this We & Wine is committed to the importation and distribution of producers that meet the stringent sustainability requirements of the Swedish market. Furthermore, the Swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolaget requires sustainability and organics as minimum requirements for many tender opportunities, with organic certified products representing 20% of the total volume sold in the Swedish off trade.

We & Wine acknowledges that organic production does not necessarily equate to that which is more ecologically sustainable, and we select partners that are working beyond merely organic certification toward a more environmentally responsible viticultural practise. To learn more about how our producer partners are committed to the pursuit of a more sustainable industry, please visit the individual producer pages on our website.

Critical Recognition

The world of wine has generated a complex ecosystem of judges, critics, and scores. Whilst the curation of our portfolio is not lead by points, we do recognise that we operate within a global industry of highly educated professionals, and we see it our mission to make sure that Swedish consumers too have access to the world’s most highly regarded wines and producers. All of our producers have received outstanding critical acclaim for their individual wines, allowing our customers to rest assured that they are purchasing among the best examples of a particular region or style. We seek quality and typicity within our purchasing, whilst embracing producers that are deeply invested in their cause.


Innovation is a mindset, and in the often-unconventional Swedish market an openness to innovation is an asset. In selecting producers for our portfolio, We & Wine is driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver to market need which often requires our producers to being open to ‘thinking outside of the box’ both in terms of wine and the packaging in which it is sold. Our success over the past 5 decades has seen us become a market leader in the innovation space and we take pride in assisting our producers to unlock commercial opportunities beyond the scope of their standard offer.


We believe in real wine made in a responsible way by real producers, but we also believe in making these products available to Swedish drinkers. We choose to work with family-owned producers that produce the volume of wine required to work via a multichannel approach to the Swedish market, able to supply premium wine to both the restaurant trade and to one of the world’s largest purchasers of wine: Systembolaget. We take pride in working closely with our producers over the long-term to adapt a strategic approach to our market, placing the right products in the right channels. We choose not to work reactively and prefer to also work on a long-term basis with our Swedish customers.

Please use our Contact form below if you are interested in working with us either as a producer partner or customer. We’re open minded when it comes to exploring new opportunities for the Swedish market.


Our centrally located offices in downtown Stockholm are situated in the middle of Vasastan’s vibrant restaurant district. From this conveniently located base we service our customers throughout Sweden, with directly employed sales representatives in Sweden’s three major wine drinking centres: Stockholm, Scania (incl. Malmö) and Gothenburg. Our network of national wholesalers managed by a dedicated Key Accounts team allows our products to be available in Sweden’s furthest flung corners, so don’t hesitate to reach out wherever you may be. Please contact us via the contact form or feel free to reach out to our employees directly. The right person will be sure to get in touch with a response to your enquiry!

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