Riff ‘Ramato’Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie 2023

Riff Pinot Grigio DOC delle Venezie 2023

Margan Breaking Ground Barbera 2023

Margan Francis John Aged Release Semillon 2018

“Wow. Doesn’t this throw all manner of aromas and flavours (peach and lemon) into the convincing and still youthful palate. I’m taking this one home with me.”

96 points, James Halliday, August 2023

Alois Lageder Versalto Pinot Bianco 2022

Alois Lageder Gaun Chardonnay 2022

Alois Lageder Porer Pinot Grigio 2022

Alois Lageder Mimuèt Pinot Noir 2021

The name Mimuèt is from a Ladin expression meaning “to my taste”. Convinced as we are that Alto Adige offers the best conditions for Pinot Noir, we devote special attention to this grape variety with the objective of producing wines with precision, lightness and a delicate structure. To do that, we experiment with cooler sites and focus on optimum timing for the grape harvest so that the grapes are still crisp and lively. That ensures our Pinot Noir has a requisite freshness and liveliness.

Alois Lageder Löwengang Chardonnay 2020

Alois Lageder Vernatsch Schiava 2022

For our Römigberg Schiava, the vines are still trained using the traditional pergola trellis system. In view of climate change and the increasing alcohol content in the wines, we believe that the pergola offers better protection for the thin-skinned berries and underscores the freshness and lightness of the wine, which is a product of the unique diversity of this site.